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Aspirator with filter shaker for Framecut or Marmocut complete with KIT of optional accessories for Renova aspirator

Professional vacuum cleaner equipped with a filter system with filter shaker, suitable for the suction of fine marble and concrete dust but also for the chips that are produced by cutting ferrous materials or wooden frames. The filter system is housed inside the drum: it is possible to apply a first class M certified microfibre filter bag (1 piece included in this offer) to collect dust and shavings directly in the bag. In addition to this, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a class M certified polyester cartridge filter on which an electromagnetic filter shaker acts. It is complete with a 40 mm corrugated tube, flat nozzle terminal and tube reducer and can work automatically with turning on and off in sync with the use of the power tool connected to it. The set of optional accessories that are used for general cleaning of the construction site before and after the laying operations is included in this offer and is composed of:
- Modular plastic extension (2x50 cm) < br> - Curvette with air regulation
- Powder brush
- Liquid brush
- Brush
Certifications and Performances
Voltage 220-240 V
Absorbed power 1,500 Watt
Capacity 37 lt
Electronic socket 2.300 Watt MAX
Weight 14 kg
Air flow rate 250 m3/h
Aspirable materials Solid (also suitable for fine dust)
Wheel equipment, 4 m electric tube (diameter 40 mm), electric tool coupling, flat nozzle and reducer
Fields of application
The Rinnova vacuum cleaner is specifically designed to be coupled to both the Marmocut than at Framecut. However, it can work perfectly with all the most common brands of power tools since the terminal coupling is conical and able to connect most of the sucked power tools. Remember that the electronic socket is not designed to be used as a normal power socket: therefore never use the vacuum cleaner as a power socket or as an extension. The aspirator switch is used to start or stop the machine operation while the commutator allows you to choose 3 modes:
- Position I: only suction works
- Position 0: AUTOMATIC MODE = electric tool + suction + shake automatic filter. The switching on and off of the extractor motor takes place automatically according to the switching on/off of the electric tool connected to the additional socket. When the tool is turned off after about 8 seconds, the suction motor switches off and the filter shake function starts for 15 seconds. NB: if the tool is restarted during the filter shaking time, the filter shake function will stop automatically and the aspirator motor will restart.
- Position II: only the filter shaker works in manual mode. The operator can shake the filter when he deems it appropriate (with the engine off) by pressing the button for a maximum time not exceeding 15 seconds and at intervals of at least 2/3 minutes.
Certifications and Performance
Voltage 220-240 V
Power consumption 1,500 Watt
Capacity 37 lt
Electronic socket 2.300 Watt MAX
Weight 14 kg
Air flow rate 250 m3/h
Solid suction materials (also suitable for fine dust)
Wheel equipment, 4 m power tool tube (40 mm diameter), power tool coupling, flat nozzle and reducer

Brand: PosaClima
Manufacturer code: CSBASPIRANEWSET
Andromedagie code: MAC00230
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