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Tool for cutting marble equipped with a double diamond disc

Special electric tool made by the Posaclima research team, specifically designed for cutting the passing window sill when replacing windows. Equipped with a double diamond disc, it makes a 24 mm cut in less than 3 minutes. Respect to common chasers on the market, the Renova chaser has the following advantages:
- Does not create dust thanks to the suction in the head.
- Extremely fast thanks to the double disc designed for cutting natural stones.
- Thanks to the specific fairing, it allows the cut to reach up to 1 cm from the wall.
- Reduced weight and dimensions to ensure easy handling when working in the window compartment.
- Conical intake manifold for coupling of most suction hoses.
- Front and rear references on the crankcase for a perfectly aligned cut.
- Mechanism of suspension of the blades that allows to sink them into the stone in a progressive way while maintaining perfect suction and reducing tearing initial

Fields of application
The Marmocut chaser allows the execution of dry cuts on any type of marble. The duration of the pair of discs is at least 150 linear meters, with a tolerance of +/- 15% depending on the quality of the substrate to be cut. If the sill is made of a block of granite, it is advisable to use specific discs for this material. In fact, normal discs for marble have a very short life on granite, where discs with a higher hardness are more suitable. Each grooving machine is delivered ready to start work with no need for prior testing. The cutting system described was designed and built with the precise purpose of allowing the cut on window sills and therefore eliminating the thermal bridge present up to now. The use of the tool for purposes other than those described is to be considered improper use. We remind you that the power tool must always be used safely with the appropriate devices such as safety shoes, eye and hearing protection, dust masks. To make a trace on the passing window sill, proceed as follows:
- Place the saw on the surface to be cut and start the machine. It is advisable to proceed with the cut starting from the center of the window sill for an easier result. The discs will run idle as the crankcase is slightly larger than the diameter of the discs. Before proceeding with the cut, make sure that there are no obstacles under the sill where you want to make the cut (radiator, metal brackets to support the sill, etc.).
- Start pushing gently downwards, starting the cut to the power tool. After the discs have completely penetrated into the window sill, start pushing with uniform pressure in the desired direction of advance.
- Once the cut is finished (the reduced carter ensures a cut up to about 1 cm from the window frame), release the switch and wait for the tool to come to a complete stop. Then extract the machine from the material and position it in the opposite direction to the previous cut, taking care to sink the blades with the power tool still stationary. Then start the machine and advance in the opposite direction to the other upright.
- It is possible to make perfectly straight cuts by following the marks on the blade protection casing.
- Remember that, to avoid the formation of dust , the power tool must be connected to its specific automatic start aspirator (code CSBASPIRANEW) taking care to insert the suction pipe fitting on the Marmocut.

Certifications and Performances
- Voltage: 230 V - 50/60 Hz
- Power: 1,800 Watt
- Idle speed: 4,900 x 1 '
- MAX disc diameter: Ø 150 x 22,2 mm
-Weight : 6.5 kg
- MAX Cut: Depth 40 mm, Width 2/14/24 mm
- Noise and Vibration: Lp (A) <97.5 dB, Vibration <2.5 m/s2 < br> - Storage: 24 months

Brand: PosaClima
Manufacturer code: CSBSCANALA
Andromedagie code: MAC00240
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