TERMOPAV 10x250x1050MM

TERMOPAV 10x250x1050MM

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TERMOPAV 10x250x1050MM




Insulating panel extruded polystyrene with a closed cell structure
Measurements of the single panel in millimeters: 10 x 250 x 1050

Panel with high thermal insulation ideal for the coating of the flat part of the roller shutter box. On the part of the panel terminal has been made of micro-incisions to guide the installer in the cutting to size. The consistency of the panel is such that you can cut without producing crumbs, typical of normal polystyrene, particularly troublesome when working in occupied environments. It is cut with the cutter, it is perfectly impervious to vapor, air and water that is brought inside the box when it is recovered the roller shutter wet from the rain. Available in two thicknesses, 10 and 20 mm, length 105 cm and width 25 cm
The main product features are:
- very low thermal conductivity to prevent the heat exchange between inside and outside
- impermeability to water vapor to prevent the hot and humid indoor air can transmigrate into the compartment box. This feature is very important because in the winter a possible infiltration inside the hot air coming from the dumpster interior may produce condensation in the compartment creating mold problems or even cause the freezing of the cloth during the night and then prevent its normal unrolling; the risk is greater the longer the cavity, through the use of brushes, has been made partially ventilated
- no formation of crumbs compared to conventional EPS
- totally waterproof
Fields of application:
The Termopav panel is a component of Posaclima Renova system specifically designed for the insulation of the lower flat part of old wooden boxes or masonry. It is installed inside the dumpster in a very simple: after taking the measures in width and depth, you cut to measure the panel and fixed to the dumpster by pasting it with a glue based on MS Polymer. In case you decided to install also the inner brush, remember to paste in advance profile Spazzofix PVC with Termopav (always with a glue based on MS Polymer). After proceed gluing the panel on the bottom of the dumpster. Termopav is to be used only in dumpsters with front inspection.

Brand: PosaClima Renova
Manufacturer code: KLRPAV10P36
Andromedagie code: RNV00101




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