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Modified polyethylene panel of high-density (28 kg/m³) and high thermal insulation (U=0,04 W/m²K)
Thickness 10 mm

The insulating panel Flexoterm has been specifically designed for the redevelopment of the old roller shutter boxes and is the main component of PosaClima renova system. It guarantees a self-supporting elastic structure and is very easy to work. Cutting with scissors or cutter and is perfectly impervious to steam and air. The reflective surface characteristics made of a special aluminized film (thickness 30 my), reflecting inward infrared radiation greatly improving the already high insulation performance of the panel. Available in two thicknesses: 10 and 20 mm, packaged in rolls, respectively 25 and 15 meters. The insulating power increases as the thickness increases and is therefore always preferable to use the 20 mm version, unless there are no problems of housing inside the compartment box.
Fields of application:
The Flexoterm panel is a component of Posaclima Renova system specifically designed for the insulation of old wooden boxes, metal or masonry. It can be used both in dumpsters with front inspection (where it is always matched to Termopav panel at the bottom of the box), both in dumpsters with lower inspection. It installs in a very simple manner inside the compartment of the box: after having completely unrolled the roller shutter and taking the measures in width and depth, the panel is cut to size and slips before in the upper containment bar previously fixed to the wall , and then in the bottom bar. It then proceeds to rewinding of the shutter to control that is completely rewound without impediments caused by the insertion inside the compartment box of Flexoterm. Please remember that before this operation must always be insulated the sides of the compartment box, cutting to size the Flexoterm panel and inserting it into contact with the sides (taking care to cut the panel so you can stay in the presence of winding shaft). It is also possible to fix the panel without the containment bars: in this case we proceed sealing it to the compartment bin with Hanno Elastoschaum polyurethane foam. Caution: using the foam, the panel becomes removable only by cutting with a cutter the hardened foam. It is however possible to seal it again simply applying another foam bead between the panel and the compartment dumpster.

Brand: PosaClima Renova
Manufacturer code: KLRFLEXO1025
Andromedagie code: RNV00044



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