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Thixotropic chemical-based anchoring agent based on polyester

Polyester based resin ideal for structural fixings on all types of masonry. Especially on concrete and perforated brick. It forms an extremely resistant single body with the building material and has excellent workability characteristics even during the summer months thanks to its high thixotropicity. Excellent anchoring on any type of construction conglomerate (especially on perforated brick without casting).


Description and application fields

Two-component polyester resin particularly suitable for the chemical fixing of perforated conglomerate building elements. In particular, it is suitable for laying hinges and shutters (also with the special PosaClima Thermofix coat insert). Chimofix Tixo is especially indicated for use in the summer months where greater thixotropicity is required. Excellent mix of components (catalyst and resin) that allow to minimize material waste. Certified for use on non-cracked concrete with threaded bar (Option 7).

Use: drill the wall (with a tip of suitable diameter as shown in the table below) and carefully clean the hole with suitable metal pipe cleaners. Brush and blow with a manual pump until complete removal of debris and drilling dust. Then inject the product after making sure that the two components are perfectly mixed (the anchor assumes a homogeneous color). Then fix the hinge or the plug and wait for the indicated time before loading the weight.

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